Thursday 11 November 2004, 08.00 PM
Vienna, Musikverein Vienna, Brahms Hall


For 90 minutes, the singers use the stage as a tightrope and move between performance and theatre, improvisations and surprising actions – and actuallly not merely on stage. Mozart’s “Lacrimosa” sounds like an intimate chanson; we hear confusion of tongues at the Vienna Naschmarkt; and then, during “Crocodile”, Chorus sine nomine makes advances to the two electronic guitars and choses the shortest way – from the stage to the audience and further to the back of the hall end; and the program ends with a choir in 16 voices…while the audience is listening – wearing cardboard glasses!

Eskil Hemberg Life arr.J.Hiemetsberger
Pokpok alimpako arr.Francisco F.Feliciano
Jetse Bremer Crocodile Severin Trogbacher, electronic guitar; David Punz, electronic bass
Oscar Escalada Tangueando
Real Group God only knows Soli: Tanja Kovinjalo, Harald Pilz
W.A.Mozart Lacrimosa arr. Amanda - Solo: Mascha Goundorina, Akkordeon: Elisabeth Huppmann, Violine: Veronika Schneider
Nina Simone Don`t smoke in bed arr.Albert Hosp - Soli:Tanja Kovinjalo, Katrin Kriegl, Rita Hoellhuemer, Mascha Goundorina, Astrid Krammer
Arvo Pärt O Weisheit
Jaako Mäntyjärvi Pseudo Yoik
Sven David Sandström Es ist genug