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Johann Sebastian Bach – The Motets

recorded in December 2008 and January 2009 in the St. Ursula Church, Vienna Producer: Richard Winter Recording Director: Herwig Reiter SOund: Michael Renner Editor: Dr. Hans Zeppelzauer Graphic: Alexander Czjzek Cover picture: Moritz Wustinger awarded the Pasticcio Prize in March 2010

Bach motets

Sunday 21 December 2008, 07.30 PM
Vienna, Musikverein Vienna, Golden Hall

Bach and Modernism

Sunday 12 October 2008, 05.00 PM
Passau, Stadtpfarrkirche St. Peter

Bach and Modernism

Wednesday 8 October 2008, 07.30 PM
Bachfest Salzburg
Salzburg, St. Peter Monastery

Bach and Modernism

Sunday 5 October 2008, 07.30 PM
Vienna, Wiener Hofburgkapelle